The Definitive Guide to Marble Tiles

What Do You Need to Know About Marble Tiles?

There are many tile options that you can choose from. You don’t have to be drawn to the drawbacks of marble flooring. These tiles have a distinctive look and luxurious texture. These tiles need to be taken care of so they last a long time. Here’s how to get the best marble tiles for your home and how to maintain them.

  • You Can Judge The Quality

To determine which black marble tile is the best, you need to evaluate each part. Begin by inspecting the back of your tile. The tile’s support is provided by a mesh or net. Your tile will be more susceptible to cracking or scratches. This type of support is not recommended for marble tiles. They can scratch and etch easily.

Flip your tile over and then look at the front. It should be angled at 45 degrees. You may need to fill in any uneven areas. Avoid marble tiles that have a lot of dull spots. It is possible to scratch off the filler and cause unattractive holes in the tile. Take note of the veins and fissures on your marble tile.

Flip it over again to see if they are in the same place. If the fissure is too deep, some tiles are more susceptible to cracking. This tile is best used in areas with low traffic. You may have to be subjective about the quality of marble tiles, especially when you are working with different manufacturers.

Black Marble Tile

You should look for marble tiles that contain more stone than the fiberglass resin support. The performance of pure materials is better than that of their fiberglass support counterparts.

  • Avoid Acids

Marble tiles can be alkali. Because of their base components, alkali materials can react with acids. You can cause marble floors to become discolored by accidentally putting vinegar or acid on them. This happens because of the chemical reaction between acids and bases.

Unwanted chemical reactions can occur even in fruits, sodas, soaps, and other household products. These sealants should be wiped off the marble tile’s surface immediately if they are accidentally spilled.

While sealing your tiles with the sealants mentioned above can protect them, you must still be careful not to accidentally spill anything acidic onto your marble tile.

  • Check To See If It’s Slip-Resistant

Slip resistance can be measured using floor tiles’ coefficient of friction. You’ll notice that tiles with a high coefficient of friction are more slippery than those with lower ratings. To determine how slip-resistant your marble tile is, you need to measure its finish.

Polished tiles are less likely to slip due to their reduced friction. Avoid polished tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and entryways. Marble tiles with honed tumbled, or brushed surfaces are slip-resistant. These tiles can be used in high-traffic areas.

  • Protect It from Damage

Although marble may look like a typical stone, it is very soft in comparison to other materials. Marble flooring can be prevented from cracking and chipping by being properly cared for. Make sure there are no gaps between the tile adhesive and marble tiles when you install them.

Gaps can cause air bubbles, which can lead to weak spots under your floor. Cracking can eventually result from weak spots. You can protect the marble tile’s surface by adding extra protection to the feet of your furniture.

Rubber or acrylic pads can be installed to prevent scratches on the surface. Regular cleaning will also remove any dirt and grit that could eventually scratch the marble tile’s surface.

  • The Key Takeaway

If you follow these guidelines, it is possible to purchase the perfect set of marble tiles. It can also be very easy to make them last.

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