The Things To Keep in Mind While Buying A Quality Towel

Consider how you choose clothes. You might also consider the criteria you use when shopping for furniture for your apartment. Do towels touch your face immediately after you wake up? Or do towels you use to wrap your body after a long day. What are the key factors to consider when selecting a towel you will use every day that will be a staple in your home? It is easy to choose the right towel from a variety of soft and colorful towels.

For those who can read, the label markings provide more clues. Be aware that you must consider your needs when selecting towels. The criteria for selecting towels can vary depending on where they are to be used and for what purpose they will be used.

It is important to understand the labels so that you can choose the right towel for you.

Content is key!

First, you will notice the product’s content. You can choose from cotton, microfibre, or bamboo for your towels. The most popular material is cotton, despite its unique characteristics such as its naturalness, water absorption rate, and natural beauty, Cotton is soft and absorbent, which makes it ideal for use as a towel, face towel, and bath towel.

Hydrocotton towels offer different benefits than traditional cotton towels. They have a more dense structure and are made with a special process. Hydrocotton wipes are 100% cotton and do not contain any synthetic materials. They are suitable for all skin types and do not cause allergies. You can find more information on Hydrocotton products in our article: What are Hydrocotton towels? These products can be found in the Hotel Home collection.


Unfortunately, the choice of fabric is not enough to ensure a high-quality towel. The entire production process from harvesting cotton in the fields to delivery to the customer is crucial for determining the towel’s quality. The towel’s quality can be affected by many things, including the number of layers of yarn or woven yarn or the color of the towel. A lack of quality weaving yarns can cause faster wear. It is impossible to look at the entire production process when buying towels. Select companies that have an Oeko-Tex certificate and have specific standards for towel production.


GSM is another printout that can also be found on towel labels. GSM stands for gram per square meter. Every fabric has a different weight. Most fabrics range from 300 to 900 GSM. We cannot however say that the GSM of the towel has any direct effect on its quality. The towel’s density can vary depending upon the purpose.

You can prefer a lighter towel for kitchen use, while a heavier towel can be used after bathing. The drying time of a towel can also be affected by its weight. This will vary depending on where it is used and how often it is used.

When choosing a towel, you should not focus on its weight but its water absorption capacity. The towel’s water absorption ability is determined by the use of natural raw materials and dyeing processes during production. You should not make your decision based on how heavy the towel is. Instead, consider the sensation you get when you touch it.


Truth is, like all textile products bamboo and cotton towels have a different drawing ratio depending on the contents. To minimize shrinkage, you should adhere to the washing instructions. If the product is susceptible to drawing, it will happen in the first or fifth wash. Do not use any softeners in your dryer. This could cause the cloth’s water-absorbing capabilities to be lost.


Towels are no longer used only for drying. You can make beach towels into accessories by presenting them in stylish bathrooms. It is crucial to choose the right colors and patterns for your application. Make sure that the towel you choose for your bathroom is appropriate for its overall design. A traditional-looking towel with lace embroidery is not a good choice for a bathroom that has a contemporary look.

The towel’s design can have an impact on the comfort of your use. A dark towel, such as Black or Grey, attracts the sun and can make you sweat when you are sunbathing at the beach.

We have discussed the most important aspects to consider when buying a micro cotton towel, or any other in your budget.

All of the information in this article may differ depending on each person’s needs. Some people prefer a thicker towel while others prefer a lighter towel because it is lighter. It is important to know where the towel will be used, and how it will feel on your skin.

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